Experienced, Personalized Macintosh Support & IT CONSULTING

Experienced, Personalized Macintosh Support & IT CONSULTING

Experienced, Personalized Macintosh Support & IT CONSULTINGExperienced, Personalized Macintosh Support & IT CONSULTING

Let us manage your Macintosh workstations for you to ensure maximum uptime!

About Us

Our Experience

We've been using and supporting Macintosh computers both personally and in the workplace for over 30 years, starting with a 512K Mac in 1987. C.P. Integration, LLC was founded in 2010 after years of working within corporate environments as an employee and as a contractor for a variety of organizations in fields ranging from banking, HR consulting, government, and health care to advertising and prepress. C.P. Integration offers IT consulting specializing in  managed support for Macintosh workstations in cross-platform environments. 

Our Approach

Our service is tailored to your specific needs. Our approach is both individual and personal; we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. While most tasks are performed remotely, we still offer a "hands-on" approach. We don't use highly automated systems to blindly push out patches and updates that can break licenses, crash applications, and result in unnecessary downtime. We apply updates and patches thoughtfully and follow best practices to ensure workstations are fully backed up in case issues arise from any given installation. We work with what works; we fix what doesn't. We help you make the most of the hardware and software you already own and never push you to upgrade merely  for the sake of upgrading or to buy something you don't need.

Why Us?

Our focus is on helping you use technology to achieve your goals, not on selling any particular product or service. While we'll gladly help you select, purchase, and install new Macintosh computers, we're just as happy to help you maintain or upgrade your existing Macs. We help enhance your productivity by maximizing uptime. We help keep costs low through a thoughtful businesses-needs driven approach to updates, upgrades, and new equipment purchases.